Let StarHub be your infocomm and IT network partner in your relocation planning

The prospect of moving your office may seem daunting for any business. With the right infocomm and IT network solutions, you can make the move as seamless as possible, minimising business interruption and downtime.

Let StarHub ease the relocation process. Our team of experts can help review and optimise your infrastructure requirements, so you don't just enjoy a smooth transition, but one that is cost-effective in the long run.

Relocation Charges
Services Charges inclusive of GST
Business Broadband $872.00 (during office hours)
$1,308.00 (after office hours)
Business Broadband
(upon recontract)
$436.00 (during office hours)
$872.00 (after office hours)
SmartUC (per tenant) $43.60 per SmartUC line (during office hours)
Business Wireless Broadband (4G) $163.50
Switched Ethernet NGNBN $1,199.00 (during office hours)
$2,180.00 (after office hours)
Switched Ethernet EOS $1,199.00 (during office hours)
$2,180.00 (after office hours)
SmartSIP $381.50 per trunk (during office hours)
Enterprise Internet $1,308.00
Ethernet Leased Line $1,635.00
IPTV $327.00


- The above charges are inclusive of GST.

- Relocation charges for Business Broadband (Upon Recontact) is only eligible for existing StarHub customers who have completed 21 or 33 months contract term

  out of the 24 or 36 months contract respectively. 

- Please ensure that you have provided the correct designated new address. Cancellation charges of $1,284 (incl. GST) will apply for every amendment of address.

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