StarHub 5G Digital Workplace Ecosystem


As organisations move towards hybrid hub & spoke offices and flexible work arrangements, the need for more efficient communication and collaborative tools are now more critical than ever to ensure business agility.

Combining a suite of productivity, connectivity, collaboration, communication, and security solutions, StarHub 5G Digital Workplace is designed to help enterprises onboard multiple 5G digital solutions with ease. Leveraging 5G’s ultra-low latency and blazing speeds, enable your teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate anytime, anywhere, at a truly connected and fully digital workplace!


Empower your mobile workforce
for the Future of Work

Empower your frontline workers, information workers, mobile sales and shift teams through our recommended Future of Work bundles.


Why 5G StarHub Digital Workplace
Trusted One-Stop
with collaborative, communications and
productivity solutions in one place
Simplified 5G Adoption
with Singapore's widest and most awarded network
Seamless Workplace Collaboration Remotely Or In Office
with powerful mobile and office solutions
with customised services based on
your business needs
with no bill shock
business-critical data
with prevention of data loss from
cyberattacks or natural disasters

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