Service-Related Charges (include GST)
Service Activation  Home Broadband & TV

Digital Voice Home
$21.80 (if applicable)

Installation Home Broadband

$54.50 for the first TV+ box
$16.35 for each subsequent box on the same trip at the same service address
Delivery  $13.08 per trip at the same service address
(N.A. for Box Swap/ Remote Controls/ Accessories)
Set-top Box  For StarHub TV (3 Basic Groups)
$6.54/month per Fibre TV set-top box rental
$10.90/month for additional content screen

For StarHub Entertainment Pass
$15.18/month per Fibre TV set-top box rental  (first box free)
$109 per data point Installation for additional set-top box
$37.69 per IP switch for additional set-top box

For StarHub TV+ Pass
$6.01/month per StarHub TV+ Box rental
$15.18/month per StarHub TV+ Pro rental
Service/ Equipment Deposit
(Applicable only to non-Singaporeans and non-Permanent Residents)
Home Broadband
$250 per Fibre Broadband service for use of the Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

$250 per equipment
Loss of Equipment Home Broadband
$239.80 per Optical Network Terminal 
$261.60 per Voice-enabled Optical Network Terminal
$87.20 per re-activation of each Optical Network Terminal

$327 per Fibre TV set-top box
$203.74 per StarHub TV+ Box
$407.48 per StarHub TV+ Pro
$16.35 per Power Adaptor/ Remote Control
Damage of Equipment $32.70 per Fibre TV set-top for minor damage
$30.56 per StarHub TV+ box for minor damage
$61.12 per StarHub TV+ Pro for minor damage
Service Call $13.08 for transport
$41.42 for service (Waived for StarHub's equipment or network-related issue) 
Fibre Terminal Point Installation/ Relocation/ Repair and Replacement/ Removal $163.50 (Condo or HDB)
$294.30 (Landed)
Fibre Service Cancellation $239.80 (Condo or HDB)
$490.50 (Landed)
Extra Fibre Cabling $2.18 per additional 5 meters
after initial 15 meters from fibre entry point (for Pre-COPIF 2013 buildings) or
after initial 25 meters from fibre entry point (for COPIF 2013 buildings)
Late Payment $5.45 for every 30 days of outstanding payment
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