Enjoy 100% internet availability with DualConnect (Mobile)

Your business can now enjoy truly robust, reliable connectivity for your cloud connections, emails and internet surfing with no disruption. DualConnect (Mobile) gives you an automatic failover to a 4G network should your fixed broadband suffer an interruption, meaning your business has constant Internet access no matter what.

Does my business need network diversity?

If your business is heavily reliant on Internet connectivity for daily operations like email, databases and logistics, DualConnect (Mobile) provides network diversity and therefore provide peace of mind. This is especially useful for businesses who cannot afford downtime or delayed turnaround time, such as F&B or retail outlets connected to cloud ordering or CRM solutions.

How DualConnect (Mobile) works

DualConnect (Mobile) comes with a USB Dongle (with Data SIM) inserted to your router. In the unforeseen circumstance that your Fibre Broadband on your Primary Internet is down, the internet service automatically switches to the 4G network that the dongle provides. With a resilient, always-on connection and automatic failover, you can focus on growing your business worry-free.