Eliminate invoicing complexity with automated invoicing process.


Invoicing is an integral part of business operations yet companies are challenged by laborious manual data entry, high processing costs due to human errors like lost invoices, duplication and more. The processing challenges often result in late payment by customers, poor cash flow and even non-compliance issues during audit.

Automating your invoicing process takes away these difficulties and connects you to an established network where you can exchange procurement documents easily with your suppliers and clients. Everyone gets to benefit from faster payment cycles, less disputes and enhanced operational efficiency.

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What is StarHub SmartInvoice?
StarHub Smart Invoice

Operating on Peppol (a widely used eProcurement European standard), StarHub is the first local Access Point Provider certified by IMDA for the nationwide e-invoicing network (now InvoiceNow) to provide e-invoicing services to all businesses in Singapore.

StarHub SmartInvoice primarily provides robust connection from your procurement systems to the Singapore e-invoice network. You can also choose to automate and connect your invoicing operations for an integrated solution. Value-added services include change management where key stakeholders are engaged for a smooth deployment with minimal business disruption.


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How does StarHub SmartInvoice work?

Accelerate your invoicing process today through StarHub SmartInvoice to maximize productivity and user experience

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